Party of One!

If you’ve been inspired to get a little more serious with art and take your relationship with creativity to the next level (or you just don’t dig large crowds and aren’t a people person, we get it), our Party of One experience is just perfect for you!  Traditional private lessons, with a Create over Cocktails twist, of course.  Party of One pricing is solely based on time:  you can book our expert-in-residence and professional artist, Corinne Monique Long, for as long as you like to work on whatever you want!  Our Artist’s Fee begins at $55+tax per hour (per person) and includes individualized instruction and art supplies.  Paint something new, touch up something old, or just experiment with new mediums and techniques!  Creativity your way!  We can come to you (travel fees may apply, depending on distance) or, if you need to escape, we can host in our private in-home studio (aka where the magic happens).  Or you can even go virtual with a live chat session!  Choose from a standard set of art supplies included with the experience or even test out a few of your own!   And, as always, the drinks are up to you!  Contact us to book your Party of One plus fun now!