Hello Creators!
We have some bittersweet news to share with you, many of whom have become not only our loyal supporters and cheerleaders, but good friends and familiar faces who make us smile.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you and extremely grateful for your part in shaping Create over Cocktails (formerly Canvas & Cocktails) into the company it became.  We had no idea you would welcome the concept (and us) so warmly and definitely had no clue it would become so popular since we began in 2015.  We weren’t prepared but it was a good problem to have at a time when our own survival had become quite precarious.  To say it has been an adventure would be a huge understatement haha!  We have learned SO MUCH through this high-speed experience and have grown both personally and together as a couple even more (try working/living with your spouse 24/7 lol)!  You’ve actually helped shape us into the people we are today and we are forever grateful for that opportunity and gift.  
Now here comes the bittersweet part…  We have decided to focus our lives and careers in a different direction.  Or, refocus them, to be more accurate.  Create over Cocktails was never intended by either of us to become anything more than a side gig but, with your strong support, it became so much more!  Each of us will be returning to our respective passions and working towards achieving personal and joint dreams yet to be realized.  Corinne will be continuing to design clothing, both for her own company and for others, as well as continue to accept commissions for her artwork, exploring where both of those creative fields take her.  Plus, you’ll be able to check her fish out for the Uptown Saint John Salmon Run this spring!  Nasiyr will continue to explore opportunities in the film industry as well as writing and speaking, while simultaneously submersing himself in health and wellness.  You can catch his TedTalk later this fall!  We would love to continue to share our journeys with you along the way! 
With all that said, older gallery paintings will soon become available for purchase (exciting!) through online auctions on the Facebook page.  Other than private events, we’ll be taking a hiatus throughout the summer months.  During our transition, the website will eventually dissolve, leaving the Facebook page as the main point of contact.  All gift certificates still in circulation remain valid and will be honoured in whatever way we can, even after general events cease.  Moving forward, Corinne will personally offer the occasional create & sip experience as well as private parties and individual lessons, but Create over Cocktails, the company, will fade away. 
We sincerely thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts.  We couldn’t have done any of this, including choosing to rededicate ourselves to our passions, without you.
With much love,
Corinne & Nasiyr


For urgent enquires you can find us at contactus@createovercocktails.com or on Facebook