Become a Venue

Jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this new trend!

A Create over Cocktails event typically brings 30+ people, depending on the capacity, into your venue on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, and drink. We’ll transform your empty, unused space into a regular event full of painting (and paying) customers, at no charge to you!


What to Expect:

There is no mess – we use non-toxic, acrylic paint which can easily be cleaned with water and a sponge. Our only requirement is that the event area is NOT carpeted.

The event usually takes approximately 2 hours, and usually starts at 7:00pm (times are flexible).  We arrive about 1 hour prior to the event to set up and stay for about 1 hour afterwards to clean up.

Your venue will gain exposure to a new, 90% female customer base.  Your expected revenue for the evening is about 2 drinks per person x 30 people plus many guests also purchase food.


What we Need for the Event:

30 chairs and table space to support 30 people eating dinner.  Please have the tables completely cleared when we arrive – we put down plastic table cloths to protect the tables and for easy cleanup.

A water source is preferred. If a direct water source isn’t readily available, then about 5 lukewarm pitchers of water (more pitchers will be required if the guest list exceeds 30 people), which will be used to fill the plastic cups that we provide to paint with.

A cocktail server – the bar bill will be higher if you have a proactive server who takes orders and clears throughout the event. The server can start 30 minutes before the event and stay until 30 minutes after. There will be a rush as everyone arrives in the first 45 minutes as well as during the 10-20 minute break about halfway through the event.

Music – upbeat music is a huge plus for our events.  We love to evoke a party atmosphere while still being able to hear the art instructor.

Lighting – the brighter the better!


What We Need to Start Promoting the Event:

A start date 1 month or more in advance is what we will need to promote the event properly. The more time, the bigger the crowd for the first event.  However, having said this, our events typically sell out within days if not hours, so shorter lead times can be discussed.

We prefer that venues host us on a regular basis. We’re happy to let you try us once, but if it goes well we would love for you to host us regularly.  This way, we can promote your venue as a regular venue in partnership with Create over Cocktails…and you’ll gain regular customers as well.

A logo, images and write up about your venue.  We can obtain this from your website, but it’s better if you provide it to us.



Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about becoming a Create over Cocktails venue,  we’d absolutely love to hear from you!